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Welcome to the Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic Online! Our course is designed so that you'll laugh while you learn.

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Inside, you'll find informative pictures, colorful graphics, interesting charts, wonderful information, easy-to-read text— important traffic safety information taught with a fun and light approach that's designed to keep you interested and entertained.


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About the Course

About Us

Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic Online, a Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc., company, takes pride in its mission to save lives by helping students to become better, safer drivers. That simple vision has transformed us, after over 40 years and more than 5 million students graduated, into an industry leader in innovative traffic safety education, technology, and curriculum development. We maintain an in-house writing staff, a Web management team that continually provides the latest in technology updates for our programs, and a large administrative support staff to help you every step of the way. In short, we're a corporate family dedicated to helping YOU to succeed!

About the Course

Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic Online is a fun, entertaining, and potentially life-saving traffic school program designed and licensed by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to earn an auto insurance discount, clear a ticket/points from your record, or satisfy a court order or a DMV requirement — all while learning great defensive driving techniques!

This online traffic safety education course is broken down into easy-to-manage modules that are accessible through our Student Center navigation page. This "Table of Contents" allows you to monitor your progress through the course and to access previously completed course material for review at any time.

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires that students take a minimum of 8 hours to complete a driver improvement course; we employ timers to ensure that this requirement is met. If you're a speed reader, we encourage you use the extra time to go back and review the material to make sure you thoroughly understand this important information. (Note: Do not navigate away from the browser window displaying the curriculum reading material (by closing the window or by using your browser's "back" button or the backspace key), or the timer will reset and your progress will not be recorded!)

Because the DMV requires that we verify student identity, you'll be asked "personal identity validation questions" before you start the course. These are a set of simple, yes/no questions — such as "Have you ever gone skydiving?" — that only you would know all of the answers to. You will be asked these questions again periodically throughout the course, and the answers you provide must match the answers you supplied during registration.

Finally, to successfully complete the course, the DMV requires that students pass a final exam with a minimum score of 80%. But don't worry — it's not rocket science, and we help you to prepare with short quizzes at the end of each chapter.

The course delivery system notifies you immediately of your graduation, and we electronically report your completion to the DMV. You'll also get an official Certificate of Completion via email. If experience a problem with completion reporting or your certificate, please contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at 1-800-252-6551 or at


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