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Welcome to the Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic Online! Our course is designed so that you'll laugh while you learn.

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Inside, you'll find informative pictures, colorful graphics, interesting charts, wonderful information, easy-to-read text— important traffic safety information taught with a fun and light approach that's designed to keep you interested and entertained.


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Testing Locations

For a convenient Test Site, click here.

After reading the course materials, simply visit any Test Site to take the final exam. (It is recommended that you make an appointment prior to showing up at the location to take the test.) To pass the final exam, you must correctly answer 40 of the 50 questions. The computer grades your answers and immediately notifies you whether you've passed.

If you fail the final exam, you may retake it. However, you may only take the final exam once per calendar day and you will receive a new, randomly generated set of 50 questions each time.

At the Test Site

When you arrive at the Test Site, report to the front counter and inform the associate that you are there to take your driver improvement clinic final exam. You will sign a roll sheet and show your driver's license. After your identity has been verified, you will log into the course and, with the administrator's keycode, be granted access to the final exam. "Open-book" testing is not allowed, and the system restricts access to the course instructional material while you are testing.

Please note that you will be responsible for any computer access fees or other charges that you incur during testing (computer access fees vary, and range from $9.00 – $10.50 per hour at The UPS Stores).

Completing the Course

When you pass the final exam, the school's database is automatically updated and notification of your completion is electronically transmitted to the DMV within 24 hours (or the following business day if you complete the course over a weekend). No physical certificate will be issued at the Test Site. A congratulatory message is displayed on your computer at the Test Site; you may print that screen, but there may be an additional charge. You may order an official paper copy of your completion certificate when you register for the course.

For a convenient Test Site, click here.


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