Get Points or an Insurance Discount with Aable's E-A-S-Y Driving Clinic (Online)!

Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic Online is the most entertaining and educational Virginia DMV-approved driver improvement clinic on the market. The program is easy-to-use, even if you're new to the Internet; and the informative text is loaded with colorful graphics, useful charts, and interactive video clips. You can read the course at your own pace, at a time and location that's convenient for your schedule. Best of all, the curriculum is designed so that you'll laugh while you learn. You'll be back on the road in no time — and you'll be a better, safer driver to boot!

Whether you're taking this course to get the 5 "safe driving" points, for an insurance discount, or because the court/DMV requires you to attend, this 8-hour program costs just $47.95!

Take the Course to Remove Points from Your Record

You may attend a driver improvement clinic once every two years to reduce the accumulated demerit point total on your driving record. Successful completion of this clinic will remove up to 5 points from your record.

…to Satisfy a DMV Requirement

If you were ordered by the Virginia DMV to attend a driver improvement clinic, you will have 90 days to finish the program. Successful completion of the program will remove up to 5 demerit points from your driving record. The number of points removed will be determined by the DMV, and the credits earned here will be applied to the demerit points from your chronologically earliest offense.

…to Satisfy a Court Requirement

If you were ordered by a judge to attend a driver improvement clinic, check with your court to verify that it will accept an online course. It is your responsibility to determine if your court accepts this computer-based driver improvement course to satisfy a court-required driver improvement course. It is also your responsibility to turn in your completion certificate to the court prior to your assigned due date. The number of points removed from your record, if any, are determined by the DMV. Students must submit the court's written authorization for point reduction before any points will be awarded.

…to Obtain an Insurance Discount

Insurance carriers may offer discounts to policyholders under the age of 55 who successfully complete a DMV-approved driver improvement clinic. Be sure to confirm with your agent whether your insurance company offers this benefit.

…to Learn Great Safe-Driving Tips

Of course, if your goal is simply to become a safer, more responsible driver, we're always here to help you with that, too!

Note: Students who qualify (not Court- or DMV-ordered) may elect to use the course for safe driving points OR for an insurance discount, but not both.

After You've Read the Material

When you've finished reading the course, simply visit one of our Test Sites to take the final exam (click here for testing information and a complete list of locations). You must login using a code from the testing center and complete the final exam on one of their computers. Student is responsible for any fees incurred at the testing location.

After You Pass The Final Exam

Notification of your completion will be electronically submitted to the DMV within 24 hours. If you are completing the course for a court order, it is your responsibility to turn in the completion certificate to the court before your due date. You may also request an official copy of your student completion certificate when you register for the course, with a variety of shipping options available.

Note: If you are under age 20, this computer-based driver improvement clinic will not satisfy a driver improvement clinic requirement. You must satisfactorily complete a clinic that provides classroom instruction.

Note: If you hold a commercial driver's license (CDL) or committed an offense while operating a commercial motor vehicle, and you are required to attend a driver improvement clinic, you must successfully pass a commercial driver improvement clinic ( designed specifically for commercial drivers.